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Our Story

Wild Weta Ltd was created in 2010 following several years of working in the pest control industry.  Wild Weta Pest Control is an Auckland based company with a subcontractor in the Whangarei and Hamilton  areas.  We are predominantly Auckland based from Pukekohe to Mangawhai and as far as Helensville out West.

The 'Organic' Misinformation 

In 2012  Wild Weta Pest Control was part of a television programme  that looked into the use of natural insect sprays used in the pest control industry and  Wild Weta was questioned about the use of the word ‘ organic ‘.
Wild Weta Pest Control was given incorrect information by a manufacturer and supplier of the main product that we used at the time believing it to be ‘organic ‘ as that was the written information supplied to us at the time of purchasing it.
Wild Weta promoted its services at the time as ‘ organic ‘ as that was what we were informed by the product manufacturer and supplier.  Although the product contained natural and low toxic ingredients it wasn’t actually classified certified organic.

After the television programme brought the issue to our attention we immediately apologised for any non deliberate misrepresentation and immediately removed  the word ‘ organic ‘ from all of our marketing and website etc.
The issue was totally corrected and rectified with the assistance of our lawyer Ian Mellett from Quay Law, 427 Remuera Rd, Remuera, Auckland.

Recent  Developments

Recently it has been brought to our attention that a certain prominent competitor is trying to continually get mileage out of this historic  and resolved situation to obviously try to gain a market and competitive edge but according to our many supporters it is having the opposite affect.  This competitor is trying to promote the nearly 4 year old resolved and corrected issue.    Our solicitor, Ian Mellet of Quay Law, has been notified.
Wild Weta Pest Control continues to grow as a business and the many hundreds of supporters and very happy customers since 2012 is testament to this.   We care about our customers and we will always do the best possible job at all times or rectify anything immediately that is not up to our customers high expectations.

Our reputation is built on our many satisfied customers.


What Differentiates Wild Weta From The Rest

We use safer products that are very affective and do what they are supposed to do quickly and effectively. We offer an honest, friendly, trustworthy service at all times.
Award winning
Wild Weta Pest Control has twice been recognised as "Business of the Month" by No Cowboys, and has a 94% approval rating.

Since 2012 there have been significant advances in the availability of natural and organic products using pyrethrum or pyrethrin active ingredients  with a number of Bio Grow Certified Pest Control Products now available.
Frank Visser managing director of Auckland based Key Industries is a supplier  of pest control products to Wild Weta Pest Control who we find excellent to deal with.

Key Industries supplies Bio Grow Certified Organic Pest Control Products to the pest control industry which Wild Weta will be offering soon with its services and appropriate  Organic Certification with Material Safety Data Sheets etc.

We have 6 month – 12 month – or 24 month service warranties available.

Competitive Prices
Our prices are very competitive starting from $ 135.00 plus GST.


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We pride ourselves on tackling jobs deemed “too difficult” by other pest control companies and our innovative problem-solving means we are constantly taking on new challenges.

We have the skills, equipment and experience to provide a reliable, high quality service, so you can feel comfortable that you’re working with the experts in pest control.


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Wild Weta Pest Control Services are available in all parts of Auckland, including South Auckland and the North Shore. Our services also extend to Hamiton, Tauranga, Rotorua and Taupo. We are here to help.

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