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Is it time to say goodbye to pesky bugs or rodents? If you’ve hit a wall on home maintenance of a pest problem, call in Taupo’s best pest control specialists. We are expert exterminators – once we’ve finished, there will be no more climbing cockroaches, marching ants or scurrying mice. With Wild Weta, don’t just say goodbye, but good riddance!

An Expert’s Touch

Drawing on over 10 years’ experience, it’s safe to say the team at Wild Weta knows a thing or two about eliminating unwanted creepy crawlers. With a bustling tourist sector alongside plenty of lake-loving locals, we know the ins and outs of pest control across Taupo. Whether you are living in a lakefront home or running a busy downtown restaurant, our expert pest control team will stamp out your pest problem in no time flat. 

Bugs Be Gone

Pests are a nuisance and when they are rampant there is no time to waste. As soon as you get us onboard, we will investigate the infestation and get straight to the source of the problem. In just two hours – half the time of our competitors – our pest exterminators will have the job done. 

Stop the Terror

With Taupo’s warm and wet climate, and plenty of transient tourists coming and going each day, pest populations are on the rise. Here’s a few of the common culprits wreaking havoc in Taupo houses and businesses:

Rats and Mice: here’s a fun fact – rats eat 10% of their body weight in food every single day! Rodents are social beings, always on the lookout for human companions to live alongside. They are nasty little creatures, transmitting diseases and chewing through electrical wires, which puts your health and safety at risk.
Cockroaches: while cockroaches might bring dodgy hotels and dirty kitchens to mind, the fact is these critters are incredibly common across New Zealand. With over 3,000 species, roaches are one of the world’s most disease-ridden creatures. The thought of one of them dropping down from your ceiling overnight would give anyone the hibbie jibbies! 

Ants: able to carry up to fifty times their body weight, bathrooms and kitchens are goldmines for ants. They easily sneak through cracks and crevices and, without the help of a professional exterminator, ants will just keep on marching. 

Bed Bugs: nobody can sleep tight when the bed bugs come out to bite. Experts at hiding in mattresses, couches, wallpaper and floor boards – and able to live for up to one year without a feed – these critters are not going anywhere without professional help.

All that and we haven’t even touched on the spiders, fleas, flies and borer finding comfy homes all across Taupo. 

Kill ‘Em With Kindness

If you want to kill stubborn critters without killing the planet, we’ve got great news. The team at Wild Weta uses low-toxic ERMA approved pest formula to eliminate bugs and rodents as naturally as possible. We are proud to offer our natural, safe and effective pest control solution Taupo-wide. 

Our Pest-Free Promise 

We have complete confidence in our pest control services and we want our customers to feel just as sure which is why we offer the choice of a six-month, one-year or two-year guarantee – no pests, or your money back.

Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff! Give our Taupo pest control services team a bell, we’re on call 24/7 – day and night! 


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We pride ourselves on tackling jobs deemed “too difficult” by other pest control companies and our innovative problem-solving means we are constantly taking on new challenges.

We have the skills, equipment and experience to provide a reliable, high quality service, so you can feel comfortable that you’re working with the experts in pest control.


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